Meet Mark


Mark K. Anthony, born and raised in Rochester NY, is the eldest son of a close family dedicated to service in the funeral profession.

Mark has served his community for many years both professionally and through coaching and mentoring. Over the years, he has encouraged, and continues to encourage, others to be the best that they can be.

An intuitive personality since an early age, Mark brings a spirited and unique look into the lives of those he serves. After a lifetime of working on self he has discovered that when “in connection” with life’s gifts, they all work in perfect harmony with each other.  Our goal is to stay connected and practice, practice, practice.

Sharing his journey with us, Mark presents us with a personal look into his work in the funeral profession and the transformative nature of life itself. It is Mark’s belief that we all have the capacity to heal through our choices in life, and the key is being willing.


“I feel that we all have personal gifts in life, it just becomes a matter of how far you choose to develop them and which ones you feel most comfortable doing. I can only hope you can be willing to open yourself up to a reflective view of my profession, life, spirituality and family”.

—Mark K. Anthony

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