Bob Cannan CEO, Eagle Productivity Solutions

Mark Anthony has written a book that is so unique, you will never read another like it. He’s a funeral director. But it’s not a book about “My life within the funeral profession,” or “Behind the scenes in the funeral business,” or even his musings on how he copes with his profession. The title says it well. It’s about living and dying.

This is a clear and direct exposition of what he’s come to believe about life during this exceptional, eyes-wide-open stream of experience in dealing with death. The intensity of it has drawn him in to the roots and branches of our families, our strengths and weaknesses, our days of clarity, our nights of blindness. He has found interest and learning in unexpected places, and brings them to our attention. And he shows us important differences in the way we live and die. He states his conclusions, too.

Bob Cannan CEO, Eagle Productivity Solutions

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