The past two days have been a real challenge.  What’s up with that?

I woke up today wondering how from one moment to the next you can have such a shift in mood.  Often there are triggers that we build into our psyche that propel us to a place and time of our past in and instant.  I think that happened to me the other day.  When I reflect back on my past, I meet up with some darkness and significant sadness.  I wanted nothing more for my parents and family to have peace, love and joy in their lives but couldn’t manage that.  For years there was one thing after another seemingly knocking them down from all sides of their lives, and I could feel their pain. I guess the most important statement here is “their pain”, not mine, yet, I’m still connected to it, it’s embedded in my very being.   I’m not going to go into the stories here, but there in my book.

We go on with our experience of feelings and thoughts, digging under and mulling over their significance.  We live every moment a collection of past thoughts, experiences and reflective moments.  The depth of our feelings and senses clouded at times by reaction.   So today, I once again have to remind myself of what I want my walk and talk to be about.  Being love, patience, and offering support and understanding to all.  Thanks for being there.

”Blessings on your journey”


4 thoughts on “Moods”

  1. What comes to mind is energy cleansing. Have you ever had that done? The example in the bible is Jesus driving out the demons. What are the demons? Our old attachments and believe systems, may be this is what we call them in modern language. They are so buried we don’t even know of them. Most importantly we need to claim our original innocence each day, each morning and fly with it and have fun with it….


    1. I actually do energy cleansing on a regular basis and would recommend it to all. For me, I find it very helpful, but have found it needed over and over. It seems, at least for me, that I have buried layer upon layers of shit that needs to be cleared. “I’m just sayin”


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