Day 14

Two weeks ago I started on this 100 day journey to share my inner most thoughts in a public forum.  I did this to share an authentic and honest viewpoint about what was spinning about in my world.  There is just so much spinning, some days I don’t know where to begin.  Initially I thought a lot of people would read the blog and join in the conversation.  I’m beginning to realize how impractical that is, as we all are consumed by our own living.  I see how that has become habit for us, as I too, am consumed by my own living.  I am not always present in the moment and being the greatest gift I can be to all.  I find it takes a lot of work and is often easier to be a gift to strangers or friends over family, do you?

After 14 days it appears I need to a better job with those closest to me in my life.  Let’s see where the next 86 days take me.  Thanks for tagging along, and please invite your friends and family to join the conversation.  that could be fun!!

”Blessings on your journey”


3 thoughts on “Spinning?”

  1. Very true, Mark. There is often so much spinning. If we can only move to the center of the wheel, everything become still again. This center is the now. Thank you for sharing.


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