Feeling creative?

“Emptiness is a symptom that you are not living creatively.” ~Maxwell Maltz

Today I received this quote in a daily email I follow. What is it with emptiness?  Yesterday I was feeling a little empty and found solace in some articles I was reading.  I decided to share them with you in my daily post.  With our plans for the day it seemed easier to use others words that resonated with me. I think if I had dug a little deeper or struggled a little longer I could have dug into the well of consciousness that exist within me and all of us.

Here I am now, disappointed that I didn’t do the work of being authentic and honest yesterday.  Spending my morning beating myself up for something that happened in my past.  I am not able to see the opportunity in my future. I’m not living in the moment. I’m caught up in yesterday.

When I read this quote this morning I was taken by its truth, and the lesson in it. I reflected back on the prior months of my life where I believe I’d been empty and hadn’t  lived creatively, then, back to yesterday all within seconds.  I am left here in a state of disappointment for not being “all that I can be” my main purpose and sincere desire in my life.

I believe that we should live in a state of creativity, love and joy all of the time (all that I can be).  For now, I’m going to accept (not judge) that for the past few months and yesterday, I was being “all that I can be”.  I’m going to love that, considering the alternative of not being good enough. Please feel to join me and be “all that you can be” today and love that too!!

”Blessings on your journey”


4 thoughts on “Feeling creative?”

  1. Hi Mark,
    I was traveling for work the last 2 days and did not respond because of my schedule. God is happening in you and as you all of the time. Let’s find joy in that!!The present moment is all that is. To appreciate the opportunity to express love and to be a place where God is is enough to make me happy…claim your God given innocence each moment of each day.


    1. Barbara, Thank you for your thoughts. For some of us, finding what we call or experience as joy is more of a journey than to others. For me, today, It is not finding the joy that is so important, but recognizing that sometimes the “best I can be”, is just going to have to be good enough. Blessings to you.


  2. You’re way ahead of many people to strive to be all that you can. That is a lofty expectation that can lead to the disappointments that we set up for ourselves. There are some days that I just avoid pushing myself and just enjoy being in the present. I have to remind myself that you can’t change the past so don’t dwell there. On the other hand there is room for improvements if we take the time, which can be hard to do also.


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