Winter wonderland

Day 25

Last night was our first snowfall of the season with 4-6 inches of snow falling by morning. There is something magical and energizing to wake up to a fresh new snowfall.  I can remember the joy we had as kids as we raced out into its freshness to build forts, throw snowballs, and play.  Back then, the snow came and stayed for all of the winter.  The roads would stay packed with snow initially and sledding on the local hills took up a lot of our free time.  As we aged, we began skiing and traveling to the different mountains in our area on the weekends and school holidays.  We bonded with friends and family, as we tirelessly endured and thoroughly enjoyed the cold and wintry months. It was good.  As we entered our own parenting days, we shared our experiences as children with our own kids.  Many weekends and school holidays spent on the ski hills with new friends and family.

Today I am grateful for the new snow.  Tomorrow may be different, but I think not.  It brings a sheer beauty to nature and our environment, wrapping the grey and dead looking landscape with its fresh clean look.  It is a joy to behold.  It will never get old for me, and I look forward to tomorrow.  I hope you do too, wherever you are.

“Blessings on your journey”

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