To be, or not to be

Today I thought I would spend some time in thought and contemplation about my intentions for the new cycle and perhaps the new year ahead.  How do I want to be living in my authenticity? What does it mean for me to be truly fully embodied? What truths do I have the desire and readiness to express in my daily life.  And, what would my behavioral choices look like if I were living the highest version of myself.

I want to live in my authenticity by being open, honest and loving every moment of my day. I believe that my authentic self is openness, honesty and love for all people, places and things.  I believe that if I can live in my authenticity I naturally become fully embodied as the presence of love. Being present with those traits in an open and honest space with no judgment or concern is what being truly embodied means to me.  I have always had the desire to be the best I could be and be that gift to all.  I have had moments when I have been that true embodiment and times when I have not.  I am ready to be the expression of love always, and have the desire to embody openness and honesty in my daily life.

As I enter the new phase and new year, I choose health, family and community.  I will choose to put good things in my body, and keep physically active and flexible. I will choose to feed my mind and spiritual being with love and compassion.  I will choose to share and support/mentor/play with family, friends and community.  I will choose to build new bridges and seek new opportunity to grow and learn.  I will choose to not beat myself up if at times it feels like I failed in living my highest version of myself.

Join me!

“Blessings on your journey”



One thought on “To be, or not to be”

  1. Allowing yourself to be yourself, what a great plan!!!! I might join you if I may….Let’s make sure there is forgiveness in the plan as well. Could we try to be loving and kind when we make mistakes and laughing about them? I read yesterday in the Course in miracles about the ending of the world. Jesus says in the course: This is how the world will end: in joy and laughter. I love this part!!

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