Tears on my pillow

Day 32

Tonight I will speak with two ladies I spent a weekend with in Los Angeles.  In March this year I spent the weekend in a house with Camille, from Alaska and Sascha, from Australia.

Breakfast at Shutters on the beach

We were all there to connect with Kyle Cease and spend a three day intensive weekend.  It started out with me taking an extra day on the front side, and staying in Beverly Hills (swimming pools, movie stars) for my first night.  I had a bad experience with LA in my younger years and wanted to find out if I couldn’t turn that around.   I found my way to the Peninsula Hotel Peninsula.com

If there was a better experience to be had in LA I’m sure it wouldn’t have surpassed the experience at the Peninsula.  The service component in the hotel rivaled anywhere I’ve stayed.  The pillow case in my room had my initials on them.

My Pillow

After resolving my LA issues by indulging myself in the lap of luxury, I found my way to our meeting place, a four bedroom house tucked up into the LA hillside for the weekend.

Our meeting started Friday afternoon and went until late Sunday night. It was intense and revealing on many levels.  Many a tear was shed as we journeyed towards a new sense of self and authenticity. The team with Kyle were very accommodating and supportive and continue to be.

Some of the team

As time has gone on, we have made the effort to touch base by phone, Skype, and through Facebook.  Each of us have made leaps and bounds along the way. We have all scraped our knees and bruised our muscles in the process.  Tonight we will spend whatever time it takes to get caught up on our journeys.  I feel blessed to know them and I know they feel the same.  Who do you know that you can say that about? Call them!

“Blessings on your journey”


2 thoughts on “Tears on my pillow”

  1. I have journeyed through life and been lucky enough to have life long friends that have always been there for me and vice versa. I have been truly blessed in my life to have experienced real friendship and know that no matter what happens, they will always be there for me. This is rare in life.

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