Analyze that!

Day 42

If I was to pick one thing I do that has the most detrimental affect on me personally, it would be this from yesterdays post. “It would appear that I spend an inordinate amount of time analyzing my unhappiness in order to find the causes and make improvements.  Personally, I have continually worked to understand and overcome difficult events and experiences to learn and grow from.  To be a better person, husband, father, friend, employer and teacher. To find the causes and make improvements.  In the big picture I’ve done a really great job, but at times I don’t feel like it.  My thinking is, if I was doing such a fine job I wouldn’t have made mistakes or errors in judgment in the first place.  Never quite good enough, an old moniker I wear around my neck today.

The article by Madisyn yesterday, spoke of the power we have to rise above and observe our feelings and emotions. We can recognize when we are feeling pain, guilt, loneliness, fear, peace, love, joy and content.  Recognition is the first step in adopting change.  If we are experiencing personal fears, disappointments, etc. we have the ability to become the observer and rise above them to a different lookout or viewpoint. While being the observer and not the victim we can retrace our steps to discover what may have put us in this frame of mind, and then we can take note of the choices we’ve made while there. In my personal experience I have found this process very rewarding, recognizing why it feels a particular way (not that I’ve always done something about it!).  I’m a slow learner at times, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Sometimes when we’re sad and depressed its hard to recognize.  Whatever the excuse is, I know there is a better way and that we are all on that same journey together. I can feel the energy of all of you and the way it moves in, out and through the very essence of our being.  I can feel the vibration and warmth.

Today, maybe I am good enough, in fact maybe I’m amazing and you are too.  Analyze that!!

“Blessings on your journey”





3 thoughts on “Analyze that!”

  1. Very insightful and lovely, Mark. Letting the analysis go and the allowing your heart to take over helps to move from intelligence to wisdom. I big step and quantum leap that I have yet to fully make. Thank you for your inspiration, wisdom, honesty, and commitment.

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    1. Now that I’ve released all from quarantine I’m catching up. I simply wish to thank you for sharing. Happy New Year to you and all your family Mr. Anthony.



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