In transition

Day 47

Today the world is spinning much slower for us.  My mother in law is safely back in the nursing home for physical therapy after the weekend stay in the hospital.  We’re still waiting to hear about my brother in laws condition.  The process towards healing is beginning for Uncle Frank and Doug and my staff members family.  My cold is still about the same, but it’s a little warmer outside!

We just returned from an overnight trip to Albany to see my mother in law transition from the hospital to the nursing home for PT.  My wife was able to see her mom and spend time with her brother and our sister in law.  It was a good trip, I was the designated driver.  It is always good to see the reality of lifes condition, good or bad, as we were able to see her decline both physically and mentally.  We were able to see her adapt to the new nursing home environment and enter right in to the current of events and activities.  Her transition remarkable considering the trauma of the weekend after the fall.

As an observer, I believe the dementia is a blessing of sorts.  Every moment is a new moment.  Every thought is a new thought. Every experience is a new experience.  She is blessed with a great disposition and loves the attention of the nursing home staff and aides.  She cannot remember how she got to this point, but she can still remember her son and daughter and I’m sure she remembers me (who could forget, lol).  She sees each new moment as an adventure and although she cannot put a full sentence together it seems ok.

As an observer I can see the brighter side of dementia and the blessing it appears to be.  I can also see the struggle for her children and see how it helps prepare them for the next step in their lifes experience.  There will come the time when she moves out of this realm of consciousness into the next.  Perhaps behind the vail of dementia this is already happening. Who can tell?

For now it seems a happy place for her.

“Blessings on your journey”

2 thoughts on “In transition”

  1. Mark. I really am enjoying your blog. You write what many of us experience but often think we are all alone. Keep up the good work.


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