The internet is not my friend today.

From my book “Living and Dying”

I have always loved the imaginative, intuitive mind. When revealed, it brings such connection and clarity for me. This connection has further led me to an awareness of something both profound and tangible. I refer to this awareness as the source. Whether you prefer to identify “source” as God, the Tao, Buddha, the Divine, Consciousness, or by any other name is completely your choice. This connection can and will open up the world and universe in its entirety to us as we connect individually and as a whole. It can be said that all beings or experiences are connected this way. If we were to simplify our lives, strip away our thoughts, judgments and fears for just a moment we would realize how easy it is to make this connection. If we were to accept this process of surrendering and trusting, we would learn and experience that all we need to do or know will be revealed to us.

These words remind me of the story of the man who falls from a cliff only to grab a limb thereby saving him from a painful demise. After many repeated calls for help and as the limb begins to unearth itself, a voice finally responds to his plea for help. The voice identifies itself as the Lord and replies that all the man needs to do is trust in him, surrender and let go. After a long pause you hear the man’s response, “Is there anyone else up there?”

”Blessings on your journey”

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