Bag it!

Day 67

For the past few days I have made the distinct effort to focus on the wonder and adventure surrounding my days activities.  Yesterday was fabulous, I had many exciting events and experiences added to my schedule. Conversations with friends, unexpected solutions to problems and work issues and a sense of fun and accomplishment.  It concluded last night at Conesus lake as our creek breeched its banks and flooded our community.  I spent a few hours battling water flow, sandbagging and mopping while firefighters, town employees and neighbors all worked together to support each other.  While it caused a disturbance and had a negative affect on some our properties, we all accepted what was happening and made the best of it together.  I was amazed how nature in the blink of an eye can cause dramatic change.  To me the whole experience was very interesting, and challenging.  While I had a hard time getting to sleep last night, I must say a that there was a sense of excitement and adventure in the air.

Today I continue the adventure!!

”Blessings on your journey”

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