It crossed my mind today that if you receive my blog by email and you dont click on the title of my post you dont receive the image attached.  Here is an image of the email version yesterday.


If you click on the title (Bag it, in this ilustration) it takes you to the actual post on my site with image.  If you looked at my title yesterday of “Bag it” it could mean something totally different than the intended meaning.  Often I have a very unique and creative meaning to my titles and the images have a very specific value.  I’d hate for you to miss it!!


Day 68

Today I have thoughts about animation. In my meditation this morning I remembered the experience of euthanizing our dog Lucy.  It then progressed to my parents deaths and all those I am privelaged to be apart of every day in my work. There is an energy, a power that emanates from each one of us.  It is a power that animates our world.  When we see a body that has died we see an inanimate object.  In Lucy’s case, I first had her sedated so she would lie down, then as I stood there petting her and comforting her with my hands supporting her head, I could feel the life force leave her body.  Her physical reality changed in an instant from soft, to hard and I could feel her body move for a lifted position to a deflated one.  That energy can be seen and felt especially when we we compare or experience it next to a lifeless inaminate body.

What is it that animates us? If there truly is an energy that enlivens and animates us (which I believe there is) , what are we doing with it? Are we going out into the day appreciating the power we have been given? Are we animating?


1. not animate; lifeless.
2. spiritless; sluggish; dull.
3. (of a linguistic item) used with reference to objects, concepts, and beings regarded as lacking perception and volition (opposed to animate).

vb (tr)
1. to give life to or cause to come alive
2. to make lively; enliven
3. to encourage or inspire
4. to impart motion to; move to action or work
5. being alive or having life

Which one are you? Today I animate!!

”Blessings on your journey”

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