The adventure begins

Day 69

Yesterdays post was about animating.

vb (tr)
1. to give life to or cause to come alive
2. to make lively; enliven
3. to encourage or inspire
4. to impart motion to; move to action or work
5. being alive or having life

Which one are you? Today I animate!!

How’d you do? I didn’t do all that great.  I didn’t make lively or enliven, I did’nt encourage or inspire all that well and I didn’t move to action well either.  I’m sharing this with you because some days I dont do as well for a lot of reasons. Yesterday I didn’t have much energy and not that much to do as far as work.  In fact I didn’t even feel much like animating.  Now I have been perseverating about this for the past few hours as I feel disappointed in myself.  How is that going to help?? that was yesterday (the past) and this is now.  Here I go playing the same recording of looking back and judging my performance.  Stop It!!

The adventure begins again!

”Blessings on your journey”

One thought on “The adventure begins”

  1. When you have some extra time ,I recommend Gary Renards new book: when Jesus and Buddha shared life times together. It is fabulous and helps to keep us on track.
    Have a blessed day!

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