From my book “Living and Dying”

Look! Look! Look deep into nature and you will understand everything”. Albert Einstein

The connection exists, whether we are tuned in to it or not, between each and everything that has or ever will exist. Our willingness to feel connected is all that is required.

The connection I feel with my son, Michael, is one example that comes to mind as to how powerful our connection is. Michael lives in Montana and as a smoke jumper, he is part of an elite group of highly trained professionals that jump from airplanes into remote areas of our country to extinguish wild fires. As a mom and a dad we had many opportunities to think of him as we imagined all sorts of dangerous and exciting adventures. Not all wonderful thoughts as friends would call us after hearing of the devastating news of an entire fire crew dying as they fought wildfires out west.

As I sit here right now in the safety and warmth of my home in upstate New York, I can connect my mind and heart with his whole being, simply by bringing the complete idea of him into my thoughts and consciousness. Simply by closing my eyes and letting all other thoughts and distractions go, I can connect with the idea that represents Michael in my mind. Inside my mind, this idea of Michael really “is” Michael. I can see him and sense his presence in my imagination. It is my idea of him that makes him real, not his physical presence. And I can do that whether he is physically here or not, and whenever I want. In that place, we are totally connected in my mind and heart just as though—he is sitting right here with me now. The connection may not be able to put us together physically, but we are never separated, the connection exists.

If you were to put this book down right now and think of someone you care deeply for, they too can come fully into your awareness.
Close your eyes.
Take a moment to visualize that person. Feel and sense their presence.
Although they may be a great distance from you, you have the ability to connect with them.

”Blessings on your journey”

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