Dont forget!

Day 73

Yesterday I spent a delightful time with Barbara.  Barbara is an amazing and wonderful spirit who in her journey in life has come to be an integral part in our world.  Her spirit is full of love and compassion, insight and wisdom and wonder.  Wonder just for the wonder of it.  During our time together she had me connect with my inner child. That child for me is around 5-7 years old and although I’m very familiar with him, it is not often that I think of him.  During this time of reflection I was able to rekindle that relationship and more importantly that love.

As I sat there I could remember and feel the peace, love and wonder that was and is present in that little boy.  She had me tell him I loved him and that I forgive him.  For those few moments I was that little boy, I was that love and wonder, my eyes were open and I could see.  The only thing different toady from then is that I forgot, I forgot how beautiful and wonderful I am.

Too often in life we just close our eyes to the wonder and love that we are because of all the shit we accumulate on our journey.  It was good to go back.  Although I cannot actually go back to that place and time it is good to know it still exists.   There is this place in all of us, It does exist and it is real.

Don’t forget!!

“Blessings on your journey”

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