Making changes

Day 77

All transformational events involve change. Wether we choose or are forced into life’s changes they continue to happen and affect everything around us.

Underlying all change is a willingness to do something differently – and it’s that willingness that is life-affirming. Saying “yes” to living fully; that’s the essence of change. If you are one who doesn’t like change or one who looks forward to it, it is often helpful to practice change. What are you willing to do differently? Here are some possibilities:

Listen to a new type of music
Read new authors
Watch a different television channel or show Stop watching television. Give up the evening news – it can be so disheartening!
Read (or don’t read) the daily newspaper
Exercise in a different way
Change your diet
Wake up – or go to bed – at a different time

Can you see how small these things are? If and when your ready perhaps we can add more challenging changes in our life. Personally, I am one who really enjoys change in my world. I get excited to find new ways to see differently and learn new things. I have added a daily meditation practice and a daily writing practice and I want to change my exercise program. Even when I’m not feeling especially willing I am learning to let go of old ways and ideas that dont serve me any more. Although change can be transformational and a little scary, it can bring new meaning and purpose to living.

So, I’ll ask again, what change are you willing to make?

”Blessings on your journey”

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