Today’s gift

Day 82

Yesterday I had a phone conversation with my fellow flow group participants from last March in LA. Every so often we check in with each other and get caught up on how we are adjusting and living our authentic lives. The most remarkable part to me is how connected and alike our journey seems to be and how committed we are to each other’s well being and success.

It makes me think that all of our journeys are alike in that we all are connected and trying to adjust to living authentic lives. And that unlike my fellow friends and group members, some of us are not as committed to our success and well being.  If we were, our conversations  and communications would be much different.  There would be acknowledgment of our accomplishments and struggles and affirming words of our belief in each other.  There would be no judging, only love and there would be selfless acceptance of each other’s beauty and the gift we are to each other.

Today I will be thinking of you!!

”Blessings on your journey”

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