The God particle

Day 92 – From my book “Living and Dying”

Science has proven there’s a field of energy that underlies all physical existence. This field is so new in its discovery that scientists have yet to agree upon a single term. It’s been called everything from “the field,” to “the mind of God,” to “nature’s mind.” In 1944, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, called it “the matrix,” and more recently the “God particle.”

Consciousness of this energy as a reality in the universe is, I believe, one of the hardest ideas to grasp. Because it is invisible to most of our regularly used senses, it can seem abstract to our mind. Yet you can feel or sense it, and I believe it is both the cause and creator of all things in our life. For years, I wondered why people didn’t “get it,” why everyone couldn’t see auras, or why people struggled with the concepts of infinity and the idea of consciousness. What I’ve learned is that we each see the world through our own lens; it’s like watching a movie of our creation based on our interpretations, past experiences, and thoughts. In addition to the movie, there exists a radio station that is playing the songs of our soul, the songs of our creation. It is only that we do not have our radio tuned into that station that we do not hear the music.

A book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe” has stirred up the Internet because it contains a notion that life does not end when the body dies and that it can last forever. The author of this publication, scientist Dr. Robert Lanza, who was voted the third most important scientist alive by the NY Times, has no doubts that this is possible.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote,
“We have learned that we do not see directly, but mediately, and that we have no means of correcting these colored and distorting lenses which we are, or of computing the amount of their errors. Perhaps these subject-lenses have a creative power; perhaps there are no objects. Once we lived in what we saw, now, the rapaciousness of this new power, which threatens to absorb all things, engages us. Nature, art, persons, letters, religions, — objects, successively tumble in, and God is but one of its ideas. Nature and literature are subjective phenomena; every evil and every good thing is a shadow which we cast. The street is full of humiliations to the proud. As the fop contrived to dress his bailiffs in his livery, and make them wait on his guests at table, so the chagrins which the bad heart gives off as bubbles, at once take form as ladies and gentlemen in the street, shop men or barkeepers in hotels, and threaten or insult whatever is threatenable and insultable in us. ‘Tis the same with our idolatries. People forget that it is the eye which makes the horizon, and the rounding mind’s eye which makes this or that man a type or representative of humanity with the name of hero or saint. Jesus the “providential man,” is a good man on whom many people are agreed that these optical laws shall take effect”.

”Blessings on your journey”

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