Be the spark

Day 95

This morning while watching the news I caught an ad with Lester Holt about their news station responding to people in times of despair. In it was a glimpse of a woman wading through flood water, commenting on the help of neighbors and community during the natural disaster.  Her comment struck a chord with me as she said, “this is what America is all about”  I assumed that meant what I was seeing, people helping people, people running to those in trouble to save them and to help or at the very least make a difference in their lives.  This idea of helping those in need has always been a very big part within me.  When I’m able to help a neighbor, a family member, a stranger, I feel good inside and can see and feel the appreciation from those who I’ve helped, in fact you could see it in her comment.

The troubling part of this comment of “this is what America is all about” is, we don’t often respond like this unless it’s happening to us or in our own backyard.  I think we have been given to believe the government can do it better or even more disturbing that the goverment is responsible.  Also, if we put it on the government, we can believe it’s not our problem and have someone to blame too.  At this point, I’m not feeling confident that our government can accomplish anything.  While I am not in a position to change that today, I hope that with all the disruption and conflict we see everyday we will emerge in a better place.  I also believe the old ways of conducting business needs to change, and I feel this disruption and conflict may very well be the necessary energy we need to create change.

I believe, first and formost, that caring for each other is what America is all about.  Whether it’s giving of your personal time, money, friendly or angry thought, it begins with us.  We are the ones who can bring change and love to the world.  Be the spark!

”Blessings on your journey”

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