Today in the news

Day 96

I Just listened to Wayne LaPierre the head of the NRA speak on the news.  It is hard these days to not question everything one person says and today is no different.  The past few days guns and their laws have been a hot topic in the press.  Hearing from family’s in pain, school representatives, students, politicians, clergy, law enforcement, the list goes on, and its the same list every time there’s a crisis. I believe this debate will continue and there probably will be a few changes that should or could be added to the current laws.

Wayne LaPierre said many interesting things today that resonated with me.  He commented as he always does on the 2nd amendment, the right to bear arms.  As a conservative American and one who would do anything to protect my family from any evil, it caused a physical and emotional reaction within me.  While I am not currently a gun owner, I could sense a strong and real connection with my forefathers, the ones who created this protection in the amendment to our Constitution . It also made me realize that while I have this connection with my forefathers through our family heritage of hundreds of years, there are many living here that do not feel or have that (perhaps that is what fueled Trumps win last year).  While I would love to live in a world that does not require or need protection, I don’t feel I’m going to experience that in my lifetime.

He advocated for better enforcement of the current gun laws, which he feels is not being done to the extent of the law. He also advocated for having guns present in the hands of well trained individuals in currently banned school zones. His argument was the only thing to stop a gun in the hands of a bad guy was a gun in the hands of a good guy.  Now, while that idea makes me shutter just a little bit, he said if not, take the guns out of the White House, the Capital, the stadiums and public areas and from the entertainers and those who pay for that protection.  Interesting thoughts.

The conversation will continue with the intent of keeping our loved ones safe. But, maybe the conversation isn’t about guns at all, but more importantly about changing what our country wants to be and believe in. I send all my love to those affected by the series of events that have rocked our world this week and in the pastweeks and months.

“Blessings on your journey”

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