Can you smell the spring?

Day 97 – from my book “Living and Dying”

As I look around the field of experience and energy in the world, I see movement towards a new and exciting place. It brings with it feelings of trepidation but underlying our fear, I sense a feeling of hope. It is as if our place in the world has moved a little because it may feel a little odd and strange.

It is a gray and rainy day where I sit today. The trees are just beginning to bud, and you can feel and smell that Spring is here. The birds wake me up each morning, and I watch their excitement and exuberance at the feeder. Any day now, life will burst through the binding that holds it and bring with it a new expression of the same life that has always been there, always connected but hidden from our view through the winter months. I remember last year, and the years before, where I had the same feelings and thoughts, yet I hope that somehow today I will grow and blossom into a better place.

While my view of the world outside reflects the darkness in my mind and darkness in the world around me, I know that if I can find a new thought to hang on to, a new place of hope, a hopeful connection, perhaps I can escape from the damp and dreary hole of self despair. You see, it is the memory of new life that highlights my connection with despair, and I need to remind myself that it is only a thought, a memory of the past. If I can change my thought, I can change my world. When I look out into the world today I can choose to see only new life. I will choose not to accept the memory of despair, because that is not what is real for me today. It is only a trap of my mind, a memory of the past.

”Blessings on your journey”

2 thoughts on “Can you smell the spring?”

  1. The real memory is when we were home in God. Living in perfect oneness and happiness. Let’s all remember that life is an illusion and let’s not pay too much attention to what our senses tell us. Our senses are part of the illusion. They do not tell the truth. They only reflect the illusion. Have you read Siddharta by Hermann Hesse lately?


    1. Yesterday I had an experience with my senses. I was listening to the telling of a deeply hurtful story and was touched in a place within me that conjured up tears and intense emotion, almost more than I could bear. It was a very moving experience and in the midst of this there was deep peace and loving connection. It connected me to a deeper and clearer understanding about fear and its affect on us. The journey of self discovery, senses and all!! For one thing, I learned that when I’m distracted by feelings that create anxiety and dis-ease they’re most likely ego based and designed to keep me in fear. When feelings are connected to peace and loving connection they’re most likely God based. Pretty good thing to know don’t you think?


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