Day 99

Comfort is a shelter, a warm blanket, a refuge. Fortunately, we do not need to do anything extraordinary to produce comfort, because it is something that already exists within each of us and all around us. Real comfort can be found in the context of daily living.  It is a grace. We just need to open our arms and receive it. We just need to open our arms and give it.

Friday night I had the privilege of being in the comforting presence of singer-songwriter Chris Wilson.  Chris was playing in a small bistro in the Mirror Lake Inn, in Lake Placid, NY.  It is a beautiful and intimate venue that he has the privilege and pleasure of playing at many times a year.

While we sat and listened to Chris, it was easy to see how his songs and music produce a refuge, a shelter that resonates in the hearts and soul of all who hear him. During a break, I asked him how he perceives song writing to be and how he goes about it. His immediate response was you take what is within you, in your heart and put it out there. He went on to say, any of us can write great words or make it sound like the Rolling Stones but the  real comfort, the real beauty, comes from within each of our hearts and souls.

The opportunity for all of us in the message today is, we all have a song inside of us to give. Much like the line above, We just need to open our arms and give it.

What song will we write today?

”Blessings on your journey”

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