Day 100

Day 100

Exactley 100 days ago I made the commitment to sit down at the computer daily and share an authentic thought, idea, desire, dream etc. in a daily post on my blog.  Twenty six times I posted short excerpts from my book “Living and Dying”  The remaining post’s tackled subjects such as comfort, guns and the NRA, reality, feelings, thoughts on love, making changes, blessings, neutrality, giving thanks, freedom, honor, happiness, joy, hope, creativity, moods, hate and tears to name a few.

I made this commitment to practice authenticity and reveal my thoughts, concerns, dreams and desires to whom ever felt moved to follow along.  While I did the practice of being openly vulnerable and honest, I also stuck in a little hope that it would be a shared journey and one that fostered community, discussion and growth.  After 100 days I feel my wanting it to be something may have created a roadblock for many (including myself).  Often when we want something we close the door to growth and expansion because in some ways we’re saying to the universe, we dont have it to begin with.  I also know that sometimes the work being done can’t be seen or isn’t meant to be seen.  I’m a little caught up in seeing results, and I know better. I’m also very sensitive to the idea of being alone, and often feel like I am.  Perhaps my biggest fault and in many ways my greatest gift is my intense and sincere desire to make the world a better place.  So, bear with me on the next 100 days and for those of you who have joined me on this journey, Thank YOU!

More to come!

”Blessings on your journey”


2 thoughts on “Day 100”

  1. It’s been an Honour to Journey with you Mark. Your honesty and vulnerability along with your wisdom are Inspiring. Often we will never know the depth to which we have touch another’s heart or the impact we have had on a life, many times that person remains a stranger to us and we a saviour to them. Know now that many times including these past 100 days you have changed the course of someone’s life! How do I know this? Because we are all deeply connected and what you needed to do, to say, to write, to hear is a voice from and to the collective. Sending you much Love, continued Inspiration and Joy moving forward into your next gift for us all.
    Thank you for everything that you are.
    Your Love!


    1. Sacha, thank you for your thoughtful, inspirational and loving gifts to me this past year. Your voice is a testimonial to us all of the gifts we are and have to offer our world. I am humbled and profoundly grateful to have you in my life.
      Your Love!


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