Asset or Liability?

Whe we consider our relationships with family, friends and associates, are we assets or liabilities? Often we have significant impact on others and others on us. Do we look at others to be assets or liabilities? How do people perceive us and our actions? Is it different then what we might consider it to be?

For most of us, we will naturally lean towards assets and away from liabilities. Assets are supportive, positive, and make us strong.  Liabilities take away from our strength and dilute our ability to become a positive force.  In business as in life we will always have assets and liabilities. While liabilities are natural affects of our movement and an intricate part in balance, if there are more liabilities than assets, we will struggle to survive.  If we struggle to survive we will witness hate, disrespect,  anger, anxiety, division, protest, all inherent in struggle.

Two days ago in my “did you miss me” post I spoke of the gift you all are to me.  I told you how it helped me feel connected knowing you were there.  I also said, we are better together. If we are going to be better together we will need to consider our actions, thoughts and deeds.  Assets make us positive and strong, liabilities take away our strength.  Let’s be assets!!

We can do this!

”Blessings on your journey”

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