House cleaning

I would like to suggest that we all are assets. You, me, the guy down the street, the gal at the check out counter and the struggling soul wandering aimlessly in the night.  While it may be hard at times to “see” everyone as an asset because they “look” like liabilities, I believe we were all born as assets. If you can follow me in this thinking, I’d like to suggest an asset is love. Have you ever met a new born baby that wasn’t love? We were created in love, the product of love and therefore we are love. When we sit in our deepest place, the place where breath is created, we meet it. It can be as near or far as we allow, choose or are programmed to believe, but, there is only one truth.

We need to hear the truth about ourself as frequently as possible, because our mind is so preoccupied with false images. We have been operating under the ego’s thought system for a very long time, and we’ve built up quite a backlog of false ideas and images. Time now to clean house!

“Blessings on your journey”

3 thoughts on “House cleaning”

  1. the infinite magnificence of our being is the only reality there is! That’s what’s left in my house after the cleaning!! Want to come by and see it?? I am home

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