Spring cleaning seems to be the hot topic today.  Yesterday I suggested cleaning house and today the morning shows are instructing me on organizational thoughts and ideas for decluttering.  Pam Sherman in her weekly newspaper column opens with her article on the new rage in the world of decluttering, the user manual being the book, the Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning. And, the Buffalo Bills traded Tyrod Taylor (more decluttering) making room for a new opportunity.       Apparently everyone is following my blog, lol.

In my most sincere desire to declutter our world, I would like to suggest we take this weekend and consider a couple specific things to throw out from our own houses.  Typically when we spring clean we throw out things we realize we dont need anymore. There might have been a time when it appeared useful but is useful no longer. If my list doesn’t resonate with you today, feel free to make up your own.

The first one to throw out  is HATE.  As we look around our house and find any crevice or corner in the attic or basement that harbors any old idea or useless behavior involving HATE, throw it out!!!  Hoarding hate for any reason is like filling all the cracks and openings that light can flow through.  It’s like keeping the blinds drawn so no one can see in, which by the way inhibits us from seeing out! It’s one of the most destructive and hurtful items we can have in our house.  Throw it out!

The next is FEAR.  Once we clear out the HATE, there should be nothing left to fear, right?  The problem with fear is it can be invisible and very hard to find.  It hides behind the curtains and under the bed.  It hides in the very fabric of the structure and is constantly telling us things will be OK, just stay the course, dont change anything and we’ll be safe.  It loves to keep us in check, dont change, we’re OK just the way we are. Then when all hell breaks loose it says, see, I told you so! OK, so we need to do a little more work with fear.

Maybe this weekend we can try to tackle just one fear.  Maybe its the one about calling that relative or friend that you haven’t talked to in months and your afraid they hate you.  Maybe its the one where you’re afraid to get started on your taxes because your afraid you’ll owe more.  Maybe you can find that perfect one for you, the one that’s been bothering you recently and throw it out.  It’s a start!! Let me know how you make out.

“Blessings on your journey”

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