Shining the light

Over four months ago I started writing a daily blog about my thoughts, ideas, dreams and share with the world in an authentic way. Today I woke up a little dull and foggy with no specific thoughts or ideas to write about (nothing).  Rather than be panicked or concerned (OK, for maybe a couple minutes) I didn’t have anything to write, I just sat down and started writing.  I am so grateful to have learned to trust and believe in the light that shines in each of us, a light that is eternal, full of wisdom, love and peace. There are days when it shines bright and others where it is barley visible, but it is always there.  Today, it was barely visible, yet the longer I sit here and write, the stronger the light is getting.  My writing started out heading in many directions yet has morphed to this very simple and beautiful thought.  I feel good, at peace, clear headed and loving this moment. My light is shining.

Feeling light within, I walk.” ~ Navajo Night Chant

“Blessings on your journey”


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