Change –it’s the constant of our lives. With every stage of living, we lose people, places and things that we love. We may not lose them to death, but saying ‘good-bye’ to those who are leaving us, ‘farewell’ to places, things or those left behind as we journey forth – each is an event which is similar to death.  In each, we die, just a little.

Each is worthy of remembrance, and each deserves to be released. We must let go, and move on; after all, there are many new people, places, things and animal companions just waiting for us to meet, and to love. New life emerges from that which dies. Think of a hillside after a forest fire. It usually springs beautiful flowers through the ashen laid hills of the burnt ash.

Let us open the doors of our hearts and embrace them.

Fare well!!

”Blessings on your journey”


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