Happy Easter

Every year the world re-visits the idea of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection story suggest the possibility of life after death. While I have not personally seen actual physical evidence, I have faith, and do believe this is a real possibility. I believe because I have experienced other non physical events that shine the light on the world of energy and spirit.

While I am in no hurry to experience this resurrection event (I can wait), I do believe it will be awe inspiring. I do believe that it will blow my mind and transcend any possible good feeling I have ever experienced in my physical life. I do believe it will connect me with my real home, family and love in a way I’ve have yet to fully experience here. And, I do believe it will be good.

“Blessings on your journey”

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One thought on “Happy Easter”

  1. I believe that it will be nothing but good, but when the time comes and we have passed, we will look back and see the suffering and pain of the earthly consciousness. It might be hard then not want to go back and be in it again in order to help lift the consciousness and be the light and forgiving love of God here on earth.
    Thinking this we need tolive and love this way now already. Every day, we must honor ourselves and each other as the beloved and innocent children of God, acknowledging our spiritual reality, thus restoring the kingdom of God each day for ourselves and the whole world .


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