Dead birds

When my daughter was 5 years old, a sparrow family made a nest and laid three eggs in between her bedroom and storm window, it wasn’t long before they hatched.  It was fun witnessing the excitement grow, and we checked in regularly.  It was a sunny spring day that I received a call from my wife that the baby birds were dead and our daughter would be home soon from school.  There was a pressing need to do something.  I ran home and flushed the birds down the toilet……………… I did it for two reasons, one for calming down the anxiety felt by my wife and I, and two, to protect our daughter from experiencing any heartbreak, pain or hurt from this event.  I failed, it made it worse!!

What I learned is that there is an instinctual fear of hurting or damaging ourselves further and we will do anything to protect ourselves and those we love!!!  As a funeral director with years of experience and knowledge about dealing with death, I learned that, I too am subject to these instincts.

This story, like so many others I tell in my book “Living and Dying” is an example of our human condition.  My hope is, what we struggle with or fail at, can make us stronger and wiser.

”Blessings on your journey”

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