Do you know someone that’s presence in your life makes your life better just by being there?  Are you someone that makes that happen for others who know you?

I have someone that does just that for me.  She is fighting her way through a battle with cancer, and it would appear she is losing.  As I was thinking of her the other day, I realized how sad it was for her and all of us. I also realized how happy it made me, by recognizing how her presence in my life has been such a blessing.  My tears were tears of joy.  Perhaps if she was not struggling with life I may not have had such a profound reaction.  Perhaps I take relationships like this for granted sometimes.  Anyway, it feels good to know there are people in the world who’s mere presence makes it better for me.  YOU, reading this, have that same affec, Thank YOU.

“Blessings to YOU on this journey”

3 thoughts on “Thankful”

  1. OK, being Thankful is something I can appreciate. I have been blessed in my life with lifelong friends, fantastic parents, a great upbringing and a wonderful career. When you hear of someone struggling with a serious illness, it makes you more aware of how lucky you are and how fragile life is. Mark, could one of your blogs address suicide. I am dealing with that now that I have lost a friend that I wish I could have saved. Keep up your work, it keeps me thinking and wondering about life. THANKS!!

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