Be happy

Here’s another seemingly “simple” idea; but once again, it’s an idea whose simplicity appears to mask a significantly deeper truth.

There is so much in this world that can make me feel unhappy:

Financial pressures, lack of perception of being loved, worries about the environment, politics, family matters, health issues (…and yes, by all means, let’s talk about those…)

But all of these thoughts, all of these worries, are ultimately the concerns of my mind, I would rather not be concerned about any of these.

“Blessings on your journey”

One thought on “Be happy”

  1. Interesting….Unhappy? I have only been unhappy a few times in my life, usually after the death of those I love. All the other “stuff” is just that, “stuff”. I used to worry about all those things. Life is short, life and situations work themselves out one way or another. Maybe it is because the older I get the less I want to worry about extraneous things. I also have a very firm belief in what goes around does come around….eventually. Those who may have slighted you should worry about Karma. Peace Mark.
    LOVE these conversations.


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