Email from my friend

Yesterday, I received an email from a good friend suggesting he would not catagorize me as an over achiever.  He suggested that I more than likely achieved close to my potential, and he is right to some degree.  Perhaps I should have said, I have tendencies to over achieve when I’m challenged or looking to be liked or to be right, because there are certainly times when I don’t give a damn if people like me (lol).  Those tendencies were developed as a result of how I processed the circumstances of the world around me, it is the way I learned to protect and insulate myself.  I also have tendencies to drink to much, blame, shut down emotionally and get angry and depressed.  And, tendencies to be the best husband, father, friend, boss and all around spiritually based person I can be.  I believe that each of us experience these same challenges. Although they may appear in different ways or with different story lines they are the same. I experience pain from struggle, struggle from change and change from growth (movement).  My life was designed to be difficult, I would want it no other way (what would I have to write about, lol).

Finding tools that open doors to views within ourselves has been a centerpiece to my life of learning and yearning. Wether its EFT, meditation, exercise, being out in nature, golfing, sailing, painting, singing, working, writing daily blogs and books, they all are the blessings of my life here in this human existence.  They all bring me closer to my true essence and allow me to feel, experience and learn how to live.

My friend also shared his mantra for life. Which I leave with you today, it is this.

”In order to be happy, one has to let themselves be happy”  he goes on to say, pretty simple thought, yet not as easy to achieve as to say.  Thank you my friend!

“Blessings on your journey”

One thought on “Email from my friend”

  1. As you allow for the errors to be gently replaced by truth you will know that your life was meant to be joyful. There is no value in delaying joy to be your reality.
    This is God’s will. If you join your will with his, he is complete, and so are you.


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