Holding space

Can you hold space for me?  I have this incredible desire or need for people to hold space for me.  To me, it means you honor me and care enough to make the effort to hear what I have to say.  It just takes a minute to listen to me, hear me, don’t interrupt me and dont judge me, it helps me feel valued.  I also realize that it means I have to do the same for you too.  Sometimes that means I have to work harder than my selfish being wants to.  When I hold space for you, I am saying “I honor you, that you are important and have meaning in this world”  I dont even have to agree with you.  In essence I am saying I love you.  When you honor me, you too are loving me.  What a gift we can be to this world!!

Thank YOU for honoring me on my journey, AND,

“Blessings to YOU on your journey”

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