Life is exhausting

Being present in a world of living and dying that spins around me everyday, running from one event to another, eating to much, drinking to much, working to much (add your thought here) pulls me off my center.  Not having, or making the time to re-charge, re-center, re-calibrate myself regularly, I run the risk of a malfunction or breakdown.  Breakdown from my source, the source that energizes, and lives me.

A few days ago I mentioned that I have a need or desire to have YOU hold a space for me.  Usually that need is a result of a breakdown within me.  One way I see it, I’m exhausted, my batteries are low and need re-charging.  I need to re-energize, to sit and reflect, re-focus, rebuild the wiring and strengthen the core.  Writing helps me, meditation helps and I make an effort to pay attention to my physical body and its needs.  One of my biggest realizations is, I’m not always aware that I’ve broken down because I have always toughed it out, been strong, been the MAN etc.

In my book I tell the story of exhausting by using the example of an automobile.  If you were to stuff a rag in the exhaust pipe of your car, after a time the engine would overheat and breakdown.  The human body is designed this way too, and it will break down in time.  This is where you come in.

When we get broken down (and we all do), we need each other.  We need to hold each other. We need to listen to each other. We need to love each other.  Holding space for those you know and love in this way, is the greatest gift we have to give.

“Blessing on your journey”

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4 thoughts on “Life is exhausting”

  1. Hi Mark. I continue to enjoy your blog every day. I’d be happy to hold a space for you this week if you need a massage to recharge your batteries! Kristen

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  2. Hey Mark, I will hold a place for you to unwind, destress, recharge, and decompress in Scottsdale, AZ. Maybe the weather is making you feel the need to recharge? Blessings my friend.

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