We need a new leader!!

I’m taken by the reactions and behaviors of all those in the political and media world in the USA today (please add.  Looking from afar and painting with a big brush, it would appear to me, that there is a war being waged.  I say that because of the expressions that I see being represented, like hatred, fear, distaste, distrust, disgust, (add your feeling here).  There are also some that are inspired, and supportive, etc. (add your feeling here).

What frightens me the most is the light it shines on who we are as a people, because it speaks volumes about our character.  The character trait that speaks the loudest to me is the one pertaining to leadership.  I have always appreciated the leader who inspires and moves me, Jesus, Buda, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, (add your name here).  It was easy to try and follow their  doctrines, beliefs, and message if we just believed.  For thousands of years we have been trained and taught to be followers, following the beliefs and doctrines of others, it has been our path, our history.

Today, I believe all that is currently happening is because we are entering a newly developing age. Unfortunately, we’re beginning this development like children in our late teens (remember what that was like?). You can see it in our actions and behaviors, so be kind, it to will pass.  I also believe, more importantly, that “we” are being called to step up and lead, each and every one of us (take a big breath).  Lead by finding that place within us where we have never gone before, which makes it a little frightening.  The good news, all we need to do is be willing.  So, I would like to suggest you join me in finding that leader that breathes, inspires and moves us.  That leader who up until now has been hiding, and secretly waiting for this very moment.  That leader that holds space for and supports each other, that leader that loves, and leads without judgement, allowing for compromise and growth. That leader in YOU and ME.

”Blessings on your journey”

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