Dont do it!

Yesterday, I tried to post my post from Sunday again.  I’m not sure that it happened but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it.  Yesterday was my second day that I did not post anything new and the first time since I started writing that I missed two days in a row!!  I was feeling a little guilty.  When I start the day writing it gets done, when I don’t all bets are off, and it may not get done well or at all.

Putting things off for later, is a trait most of us can relate to.  This morning I woke up desiring to take a good look at that trait and what’s behind it.  I found that I do it for a variety of reasons.  I do it to eliminate failure or even potential success, which I am perpetuating with my non action. I do it to create more pressure, because I like the energy it creates when I’m pressed to get something done (it excites me, makes me feel alive) this also creates chaos for others!  I do it to allow for others to step up and take the rains, which is unfair and sets others up for failure.  And, sometimes I do it becasue I’m lazy or don’t care.

My resolution:  Do what excites you and do what enlivens you and your purpose. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Take chances and be playful, life should be fun and light.  And, when you’re to tired or not interested, dont do it!!

“Blessings on your journey”


One thought on “Dont do it!”

  1. Mark. Just a thought, I would love to hear your thoughts on doing the right thing. An example, being given an order at work to do something that you feel is morally wrong and could harm another. Do you do what your conscience tells you is right or follow the order? I am in this dilemma right nw. I am doing the morally correct thing and pray I do not get fired. What can I live with?


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