Remember me!

Today I get the privelage of speaking at the funeral of a friend.  This is what I will say.

We have come here today to witness and take part in the mystery of life’s journey.  Much like all of our journeys in life, our presence symbolizes our commitment and love for each other, and our love and appreciation for the life of     ____________________________________________________________________ .

In this life’s journey we experience transformational events that change and form the fabric and direction of our lives.  Today we come to one of those moments, a moment that represents a significant change, a soon to be new normal in our life and the life of __________________________________________________________.   While we cannot imagine where this road will take us right now, we can take strength in the fact we won’t be traveling it alone, for it is the same path that has been taken by all who have gone before us, and a path that we to will follow.  It is a natural and normal part of the human condition.

Be assured that comfort can be found in our hearts and memories.  It is the story of  our life that brings light and meaning to our existence and what we represent to each other.  So, before we leave here today to complete this physical journey on earth, take pause to remember.  Remember and carry with us all that serves and honors us and let go of that which no longer serves us.


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