Lest we forget!

Lately I’ve been working with a group of managers as they develop a team culture for their business.  They have been working with a highly qualified consulting company that specializes in their line of service work.  They have created programs and guidance to provide leadership with the tools, schedules and goals in which to execute.

Our management team has done a good job with its execution and we have arrived at a point where the new team culture is becoming a reality. To insure its success the management team has become more focused on implementing proper training and support, and have done it well.

At the end of a recent consultants meeting I brought up the concept of the “customer experience”.  I asked what was being done to insure the experience to the customer was improved and offered an idea of how I could see it improving.  While they have done a great job creating this new culture it really struck me how protective they became in protecting it, as they shot down my recommendation.

Often times in life we do things for the right reasons but forget why we’re really  there in the first place.  In the service business (and every business) we exist because of the customer, and if that customer is not served they will leave.  Let’s not forget!!

”Blessings on your journey”


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