Getting outdoors

I would have posted earlier, but I was busy.  In fact, I just got home from spending the afternoon on my new bike.  It’s a carbon fiber bike by TREK that is suitable for the road but can also be used on decent trails (not mountain biking).  Today I traversed the Erie Canal, the rolling hills of Pittsford, the trail from Monroe Avenue to the Pittsford Village and the city streets near home.  I had three goals for fitness that this new bike fulfills.  Getting outside in nature, getting a good cardio workout and being able to do it anywhere I go.  Another good option that I’m considering for the lake is a one person canoe.  More to follow, and try to get outdoors.

“Blessings on your journey”


One thought on “Getting outdoors”

  1. Mark,

    If you’re serious about a one person canoe, I recommend going to Bay Creek Paddling Center on Empire Blvd. The boats by Swift are excellent.


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