What are your rituals?

The subject of ritual often relates to and suggest some kind of religious activities.   For those of us who remember going to church every Sunday and following certain credos and rules that is very true.  The church gave us guidelines to consider how to live and manage our lives.  The church and its leadership provided communication and spoke to subjects confronting us in our lives.  We read out of books and studied the word of God with the intent of helping us structure our lives around certain beliefs. The ritual was going every Sunday and putting ourselves in a place to reflect and consider our lives and how to live it.

For me it was a much dreaded event.  I didn’t care to be ordered and controlled to do things (still don’t).  As an adult I now have the power to choose my ritualistic activity.   I have created new rituals, rituals of study and growth.  I have chosen to read the Bible cover to cover and continue to study and follow a myriad of spiritual books and authors.  I have created rituals of meditation, rituals related to fitness and health, and rituals around authenticity and honesty through my blogging and writing.  Rituals are apart of my everyday life.

When you consider your life and living, what do you do that are rituals?

”Blessings on your journey”


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