So, how’d you do in your reflection of your own rituals.  I believe, as a society in general that we no longer understand the value and power of ritual. This is more than an individual failing, it’s in the cultural air we breathe. In the words of Robert L. Moore, we’ve gone “ritually tone-deaf” and the effects of this can be seen everywhere.

Yesterday, when I spoke me of my frustration of being made to go to church as a child, I was feeling at the time like we were just going through the motions of church and prayer.  Reciting words that weren’t really meaningful or understandable to me, going through an empty ritual! Where’s the value in that?

The value, when understood and done right is that the ritual is ultimately designed to hold and sustain our hearts in something deeper than the emotions of the moment.  It’s not a question of going through the motions on days when the feelings aren’t there. Rather it’s going through the ritual in honoring our relationship to God, and as an act of faith.

In my case, If I only prayed when I actually felt like it, I might not pray very often. So, creating ritual around prayer at those times when our feelings seem to contradict our words, we’re actually creating the oppportunity of connection with and expressing some deeper truths.  Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”


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