Celebrating Ritual

Today I began with my daily ritual of meditation.  Thirty minutes this morning and as long as one hour on other days.  The practice (which it is) is intended to begin the day with my attention focused and balanced on my mind, body and spirit.  During this time of quiet contemplation I experience a myriad of things.  Today I received some interesting clarity on this topic of ritual.

“Ritual is a regular and necessary part of all of our lives.  It is what the human condition is all about and brings meaning and substance to everything we do”.

Currently I am ritualizing by writing this post, and after I get up from here I will go and drink eight ounces of water (another ritual) followed by another eight ounces of water on every hour.  It goes on and on.

Let’s celebrate our rituals today!!

”Blessings on your journey”

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