How do you establish a new ritual?  I have a sensitivity to dehydration which can cause severe physical symptoms.  Some time ago I created the daily ritual of drinking 8-6 ounces of water every hour.  When practiced properly I consciously recognize the time and drink water every hour.  I also created a ritual of meditation and when practiced I meditate every day when I wake up.  Creating rituals is establishing an intent, ie. my body needs to stay hydrated to feel good and I choose to practice connection through meditation with my mind, body and spirit every day etc.   Once our intent is set it only requires practice!  (Excuse me, I need to pause for a moment and get some water:)

In our funeral practice, our company mission and intent in every thing we do and how we do it is, “Celebrating Life and Honoring the Journey”.  By establishing mission and intent it provides us with direction, purpose and motivation in everything we do.   Having a strong intent and mission provides a strong platform in which to create ritual.  As an example, for each family we serve we have created a new ritual of confirmation.  The intent is to require every family we serve, confirm (by visual witness in a safe, private and comfortable space) that we have indeed placed the correct loved one in the correct casket or container prior to burial or cremation. This simple and new ritual was created to “honor the journey” and through witness and ceremony, has had profound impact and healing power especially for our direct cremation families.  It has become very clear to us, and to the families we serve, that celebrating life and honoring the journey through ritual or ceremony in our lives is very important to keep us connected to what really matters.

In life as in death, we have the opportunity to choose what our mission or intent is in our daily lives.  Once we choose, it only requires practice.  Giddy-up

”Blessings on your journey”

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