Dream life

From my friends at TUT

Let me tell you what happens…
There’ll be trumpets, fanfare, and parades. Happy tears, giggles, and hugs. Shrieks of joy, fits of laughter, and reunions with best friends.
There will be quiet, reflection, and revelations. Aha’s! No-way’s! And, of course, You-have-to-be-kidding’s!
Eventually followed by a deep, often surprising, longing for what will by then be viewed as the dream-life you led.
You could plot it on a chart.
The point, of course, is that you are now living that dream-life.

One thought on “Dream life”

  1. Probably the less attachments we have the less longing we will have…
    And then there will probably be the longing to help our brothers out of the dream…


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