Trajectory and projectiles

Trajectory – the path by a projectile or an object moving under the action of given forces.  Last night I couldn’t get these two words out of my mind.  Funny words for pre funeral conversation for our friend Colleen, but as I thought about it is very fitting.  I have been talking to her two boys who run a gun range and training center outside Nashville, and guns have always been apart of their conversations and lives.  Also, as you follow the path of a bullet, once it hits a target it changes form as a result of impact.  It may also change its path as it richochets off its target. This always happened with Colleen.  As she impacted with us, new paths and forms of connection with family and friends were created.  Colleen was the force.  You could not go anywhere with her where her trajectory didn’t have you meeting strangers and learning about their lives and family.  She would get recipes from strangers in the super market and before you know it, befriend the guy at the meat counter.  The given force, caring for others.

In our life, Colleen was a projectile moving under the action of fellow parent at kids sporting events, travel companion, conservative republican, scotch drinker, dancer, partier, cook, grandparent, caregiver, personal nurse and medical advisor, skier, golfer, and confidant.  Her presence changed the trajectory of our lives.  As we begin the new trajectory we are on without her physical presence many things will change.  The path or trajectory will be different and all our past life experiences will be only memories.  But, where we are, we would never have been without her.  And for the next few days, weeks and years we must not forget where we are and how we got there.  It was a great gift and one we should remember and cherish.

These given forces are ones that we can all connect and understand as this is how we all connect and move through our life.  Dont forget to remember and cherish your memories.  You are where you are because of them, the trajectory of our lives!

”Blessings on your journey”

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