A son’s eulogy

Colleen O’Brien’s eulogy by her son Brett!!

My mother was given a test of will, a test of life most will never have the burden to carry.

I was privileged to watch a woman who entered into this test, this battle, with grace, with composure, and with a fortitude reserved only for the greatest among us.
It was an even greater honor to call her my mother. To stand with her along this path and share in her triumphs. To learn from her composure in tribulation.
Colleen, my mother, carried with her a brilliance as bright as any star in this vast universe.
Fleeting this glow may be, she ensured through the lives she touched that her glimmer will shine in our collective sky for generations to come. Her sisters, her brothers, her sons. Their children, her friends, her loves…
We will all point to the sky of our lives and tell others: You see that star there shining above us. That star has always been there and always will.
That is the star of a great warrior, the light of a beautiful soul.
She will stand above all of us because she has earned her place in our sky, in our lives, and in our hearts.
__ __
“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard”.

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