Feels like a good day

For the last four days my son Mike and I have been in Southern California.  We left Tuesday morning after five days of grieving our family friends death.  While I was still emotional and feeling sad, it felt good to have completed our work with our friend and their family and good to be moving forward in the world that continues without her.  Our plan was to spend a few days surfing and golfing, and finishing up with a round table meeting with fellow funeral professionals from the west coast.  We succeeded on all accounts.

While we had great food, great accommodations, great weather and met new people, it still took it is toll on me.  I have been witness to this many times in my life when I travel.  All environments and experiences have mental, physical and emotional affects on me.  Some are good and feed me and others pull and drain me, and some do both.  The affects appear in my body, and are great indicators, as I age I realize just how much they have to say!!!

Today I’m off to the lake looking to feed my body while watering our trees and plants, mowing the lawn and taking a boat ride.  It feels like it might be a good day!!

”Blessings on your journey”



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