Wondering and waiting!

Wondering and waiting.

Sometimes I find myself wondering and waiting. Wondering and waiting seems easy and safe because it doesn’t require I do anything. Wondering and waiting feels like being stuck in the mud, immobile.  You can still see the sun come up and hear the birds singing and the children playing, but stuck, all while the world spins around me. Wondering and waiting is not creating!!

Creating, is jumping into the stream, feeling the pull of the waters and energy that moves all around me.  Like wondering and waiting, I’m still witnessing all of those things spinning around me.  The difference with creating is recognizing and feeling that my place in it has meaning, has purpose, has an impact!!  In fact when I’m creating, I may even be at the center of it!!  We were meant to create, rock on!!

”Blessings on your journey”


One thought on “Wondering and waiting!”

  1. There is a great freedom in creating for expressing your individuality and also your divine spirituality. If it brings joy and a sense of peace to you and others it is on the right track.


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